Federal Research Network 

The Ohio General Assembly provided start-up funding for the FRN in the fiscal year 2016-2017 state biennial operating budget that was signed into law by the Governor on July 1, 2015 as a strategic priority initiative of the FMJC. With initial approval from the FMJC, the FRN through its program Administrator, the Wright State Applied Research Corporation (WSARC), solicited an initial round of White Papers for project proposals from the designated university leads of the six COEs. These were evaluated in terms of their alignment with and technical merit to advance priority research thrust areas of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at Wright Patterson AF Base, the NASA Glenn Research Center (NASA GRC), the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) and the Naval Medical Research Unit (NAMRU-D), while increasing research funding, talent and capabilities in Ohio with an emphasis on creating and filling new jobs.

The purpose of the FRN is to organize and resource collaborative research initiatives within the University System of Ohio that align with and support priority mission requirements at Wright-Patterson AFB and NASA Glenn to grow our research talent base, attract outside public and private investment and to retain and create new jobs in Ohio.

  • Build on Ohio’s three primary research assets: Wright-Patterson AFB, and NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) and Ohio’s Research Universities.  

  • Support the national priority research missions of both WPAFB and GRC by leveraging external talent, infrastructure and financial resources around their strategic requirements.

  • Ensure implementation across Ohio’s university system is focused on opportunities to successfully execute research and technology transition initiatives in both federal and commercial markets.

  • Provide the opportunity to leverage the federal investments in AFRL and NASA GRC to create economic development opportunities in other sectors of the economy through public-private partnership creation.

  • Align and integrate with existing and other evolving State initiatives (i.e., Ohio Space Plan, OUAS Center, JobsOhio, etc.)


The aim of the FRN is to provide a solid return on investment to both the federal customer and the State of Ohio. The former would benefit with translational research advances to improve operator performance and mission success and the latter would benefit with the transition of the research to Ohio defense and commercial enterprises that would create new products and fill new jobs. Based on the proposal that was approved by the State legislature, FRN projects are anticipated to create 2,500 new jobs and to attract $350 million in new related investments for the State of Ohio within five years.


                           Federal Research Network Structure


                OFRN COE Construct diagram.jpg



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