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I'm having problems finding the Round 3 RFP folder in the document repository.Round 3 SOARING RFP documents can be found in the OFRN – Public Documents folder > Round 3 RFP documents subfolder. If you click on the little triangle to the left of the folder name, it will expand the folder list.
Round 4: We are interested in submitting to the SOAR Round 4 RFP, but would like to get some additional technical clarity on the end user's needs, in order to present a relevant and useful technology plan. Specifically, we are looking at AOI 12 (Integrated Communications), which has relevance to Federal stakeholders (Table 1) at AFRL, NASA, and NASIC, as well as Ohio Air National Guard stakeholders (Table 2). Is it possible to obtain contact information for POCs at these organizations to discuss their application in more detail?OFRN can help make connections within the labs through our liaisons or other avenues. We need a short – 2 or 3 sentence – description of the technology being proposed, or what part of an AOI needs clarified, we can best direct to the proper contact. Send the request to becky.mescher@wright.edu
Round 4: I am wondering if we can include professional conference travel and costs in the OFRN proposal budgets?There would need to be a justification regarding the professional conference. This is an Ohio Federal Research Network project with Ohio universities and Ohio companies. Travel should be appropriate, necessary, and allowable.
Round 4: Could you point me in the direction of the following: 3.5 Volume 2B: Pitch Deck A slide deck, maximum 15 pages in length, must also be submitted with the other Volumes. A suitable template will be available on OFRN’s websiteA template for Volume 2B Pitch Deck was provided on September 27th the Proposers Day and Applicant Training 9/26/19 briefing: proposal training. This briefing was emailed to all Sept. 26 registrants and is also posted in the OFRN document repository in the OFRN Round 4 folder. Templates are also posted to the Round 4 site https://www.ohiofrn.org/ofrn-round-4-opportunity-announcement/
Round 4: I was unable to attend the 9-26 OFRN Round 4 Proposers Day event due to a scheduling conflict. Would it be possible to receive access to the powerpoint presentation? I know that after attending the last information session I received the slides and I thought they would be helpful when coordinating my lab's proposal submission with our partners.The OFRN Proposers Day and Applicant Training briefings were provided on September 27th in the follow up email to the registrants for the Proposers Day and Applicant Training 9/26/19. The briefings are posted in the OFRN document repository in the OFRN Round 4 folder.
Round 4: Some of the interested parties or team members with us believe that they only need to work on Volume 2 and not Volume 1 unless they are invited to pitch day, but they would have to have their Volume 1 prepared would they not?Technical Volume 2 includes high level budget and cost share information (see Opportunity Announcement Section 3.4.3). See Section 1.2 of the Round 4 Opportunity Announcement for deliverable due dates. • Volume 2 (Technical), 2A (Supplemental), and 2B (Slide Deck) are required for Delivery on Oct 22nd at 5pm EST. • Selection for Pitch Day is Oct 30, 2019 • Due date for Volume 1 Business and Cost proposal is Nov 19, 2019
Round 4 Proposer Day: OAI is listed as a resource for Round 4. Can they contact OAI directly for assistance?Yes. Contact Kim Holizna at KimHolizna@oai.org
Round 4 Proposer Day: Does the $750K - $1.5M award include cost share or is it OFRN funds?The $750 - $1.5M award does not include cost share. This is OFRN only funds. Cost Share is above these numbers
Round 4 Proposer Day: Can the university be in another state but have a branch in Ohio?A University qualifies if they meet the following: state institutions of higher education as defined in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code, private nonprofit institutions of higher education holding certificates of authorization under Chapter 1713.
Round 4 Proposer Day: Will there be period of performance extensions for Round 4 projects?The period of performance of this work is for 18 months from award
Round 4 Proposer day: Can an industry partner be from another state?The industry partner needs to have an office in Ohio and do work in Ohio
Round 4 Proposer day: Should the focus be on one government partner or multiple?Go for as many as possible – more government partners will give a higher probability of success because it shows that there is interest from multiple areas.
Round 4 Proposer day: Does the project have to have a flight demoSee the requirement under section 1.6.4 of the Round 4 Opportunity Announcement. The demo can be in a lab depending on the AOI.
Round 4 Proposer day: Regarding contracts, are there 2 sets of flowdowns?Flowdowns do not differ based on university vs industry
Round 4 Proposer day: Regarding contracts, can a university flowdown to subs?Yes
Round 4 Proposer day: How do the funds get released?Incremental funding. OFRN will pass down as it is received by OFRN. We can’t give more detail at the beginning. Proposers are encouraged to get the T&C to their contracting folks. OFRN will give the authority to proceed so that the projects can be up and running Jan. 1 2020
Round 4 Proposer day: Will funds be distributed by EFT or checks?Checks. Eventually, EFT will be implemented (hopefully in a year)
Round 4 Proposer day: Can Wright State University participate?Yes, WSU and WSRI can participate
Round 4 Proposer day: Will a Word document proposal template be available?The Round 4 templates can be found on the Round 4 website https://www.ohiofrn.org/ofrn-round-4-opportunity-announcement/. The templates posted as optional should be used as guidance and are you are not required to use them.
Round 4 Proposer day: Regarding budget detail, what if you don’t know the travel number of nights, etc. How do you deal with unknowns?Do the best you can. Travel should be appropriate, necessary, and allowable.
Round 4 Proposer day: Can there be international travel?There would need to be a justification regarding international travel. This is an Ohio Federal Research Network project with Ohio universities and Ohio companies.
Round 4 Proposer day: Is there a page limit on the cost proposal?There is no page limit on the cost proposal
Round 4 Proposer day: Is there a standard resume format?No. One page is fine (NSH, NSF is OK).
Round 4 Proposer day: If equipment is purchased for a project – who owns it?OFRN doesn’t want funds used to set up labs. Need to disclose in the proposal what lab equipment is being bought and the intent.
Round 4 Proposer day: What if the project needs special equipment?If you need special test equipment, the Federal Labs have equipment that can possibly be utilized. Submit your requirements as a part of your proposal. .
Round 4 Proposer day: Does the OFRN CRADA allow for equipment loans?The CRADA is for UAS Test Center usage and related beyond line of site testing assets.
Round 4 Proposer day: What are the Kinds of conditions for cost share and how will it affect changes?See Round 4 Opportunity Announcement Appendix 3
Round 4 Proposer day: If the project needs to be divided by university and business by %, is there a ratio to adhere to?No
Round 4 Proposer day: If work is done with someone before the project starts, is this allowable?No, you can’t count what happens before the start of a project.
Round 4 Proposer day: If I borrow government equipment, is this cost share?You will have to go through the hassle of borrowing it, etc.. You need to determine if it is worth it.
Round 4 Proposer day: Is there prohibition on similar proposals?You have to disclose if it is overlapping. See Round 4 Opportunity Announcement Section3.3.17
Round 4 Proposer day: Contingent cost share – is it smart to have contingent cost share?Talk about the base project deliverable, and then discuss the added benefit if the additional cost share comes through.
Round 4 Proposer day: For the SOW, is “Contractor Shall” appropriate languageYes
Round 4 Proposer day: How much detail should be in the SOW? This is part of the 15 page limit.The SOW is not part of the proposal page limit. The SOW must be enough detail to make the award quickly if selected for award by the TRC and ERB.
Round 4 Proposer day: If have a Federal contact, how do you know if the TRC knows that you’ve talked with the Federal sponsor? The Federal sponsor may not know about OFRN. Encourage them to speak up the food chain so the TRC person knows.
Round 4 Proposer day: What is that stand on U.S. citizenship?See the Round 4 Opportunity Announcement Section 3.3.14
Round 4 Proposer day: When proposing, are proposals coming from all of the subs individually, or submitting one proposal from the team?One proposal should be submitted by the prime for the project.
Round 4 Proposer day: Regarding the pitch presentation, can software other than ppt be used?PowerPoint is the required method of submittal.
Round 4 Proposer day: Is there a limit to the number of people at the pitch?There is no limit but be advised that your best presenter should present
Round 4 Proposer day: Do ppts need to be ADA compliant?No
Round 4 Proposer day: Are Letters of Intent part of the 15 page limit?No
Round 4 Proposer day: What resumes are required with Volume 1?Section 3.3.14 of the Round 4 Opportunity Announcement states: Key Personnel: In the technical volume, identify all key personnel involved in the project. Include information directly related to education, experience, and citizenship. A technical resume for the principal investigator, including publications, if any, must also be included. Concise technical resumes for subcontractors and consultants, if any, are also useful. You must identify all non-U.S. citizens expected to be involved in the project as direct employees, subcontractors, or consultants. For these individuals, in addition to technical resumes, please provide countries of origin, type of visas or work permits under which they are performing, and explanation of their anticipated level of involvement in the project. No Change to this requirement for Volume 1. Resumes are not part of the 15 page count limit.
Round 4 Proposer day: What Resumes are required for Volume 2?Section of the Round 4 Opportunity Announcement has been amended to read Direct Labor – For Direct Labor, the Applicant shall provide a narrative rationale for the labor categories selected and hours proposed for the project period (18 months). The applicant shall also provide labor category descriptions (e.g. job duties, years of required experience, education level, etc.) for the positions that each person proposed to occupy.
Round 4: AOI 16 "Other Topics" says: "Applicants may suggest any relevant topic(s) not listed but that have clear application and utility for Round 4 focus areas." Does this mean we need to get some sort of prior clearance to get an AOI added, or can this catchall topic be used ad hoc on submission?AOI 16 is a catchall to be used on an ad hoc basis. As stated in section, the topic needs to have clear application and utility for Round 4 focus areas; and the applicant will be expected to provide the same level of state of the art context, metrics, description of an emergency demonstration, federal alignment, and long-term benefits.
Round 4: At the meeting last week, the difference between the submitted slide deck and the one used for the Pitch Day was discussed, and it was clear that those would be different from each other. However, in the Proposer Day briefing, it says on Slide 18: Pitch Day: using their submitted slide decks, teams pitch to the TRC and answer questions (pitch audience is restricted to just TRC and OFRN staff) Can your office provide verification that the Pitch slide deck can be different from the submitted one?The “slide” deck submitted with your technical volume is expected to be different from your “pitch” deck. While the proposed project cannot vary in your pitch deck from your submitted slide deck and technical volume, it is allowable that the pitch deck present the project in a manner more appropriate for a pitch presentation. The RFP is the governing document. Read and refer to the RFP when submitting. Pay attention to any modifications or updates.
Round 4: Is the Technical Volume's Table of Contents included in the page count?No, the Table of Contents is not included in the page count.
Round 4: Article 3.3.16 states that the detailed cost proposal for our subcontractors is to be included in the Technical Volume. Is that your intent since it will be provided in the Cost Volume? The cost proposal is to go into the cost proposal volume. The cost proposal is not due till Nov. 19, 2019 and is only required if selected to provide a full pitch. Private companies, consultants, or universities may be involved in the project. All should be described in detail and included in the cost proposal. In accordance with OFRN eligibility requirements, proposals must include a minimum of two Ohio public or private universities or colleges and one industry partner each with significant contribution to the proposed effort. Signed copies of all consultant or subcontractor letters of intent must be attached to the proposal. These letters should briefly state the contribution or expertise being provided. Include a SOW and detailed cost proposal. Include information regarding consultant or subcontractor unique qualifications. Subcontract copies and supporting documents do not count against the page limit. Identify any subcontract/consultant foreign citizens per (3.3.14). Section 3.4
Round 4: If a detailed cost proposal from our subcontractor is required, and the subcontractor does not agree or has not provided a detailed cost proposal, since it is not due until later, can an overall estimate/ROM be included in the Technical Volume instead?Yes
Round 4: Since the prime applicant will be a subcontractor to WSARC, please confirm that the SOW should read "contractor shall" and not "subcontractor shall".It should say Subcontractor.
Round 4: Question regarding B.1 and 2.5: “all subcontracts issued under this announcement will be made as cost reimbursable contracts.” Does this mean fee / profit is not allowed? Are we allowed to propose a T&M contract type that would include fully loaded rates?The answer is no. Fee is an unallowable expense and all subcontracts shall be issued on a Cost Reimbursement basis.
Round 4: about eligibility, is the University of Dayton Research Institute eligible and would they count as a college/universityThe University of Dayton Research Institute is eligible and counts as a college/university.
Round 4: Regarding cost estimates. I assume we can include fee as part of our proposed labor rates, can you please confirm this? Looking at the template/excel sheet I didn’t see a specific place to include that, so just wanted to be sure. Can you please confirm?No, Fee is not allowed.
Round 4. Is there a limit on IDC for OFRN Round 4? There was a 20% limit for Round 3, but I didn’t see any limitations in the Round 4 Funding Announcement.There is no limit.
Round 4. I am researching the most recent OFRN proposal call. I was able to find a significant amount of information online, but sorry I have not been able to find a link to the RFP. Am I correct that the white papers are due on 20 Oct?The Round 4 opportunity announcement can be found at https://www.ohiofrn.org/ofrn-round-4-opportunity-announcement/ This webpage will give you all the information for the Round 4 Opportunity Announcement. Volume 2, 2A, and 2B Submissions are due Oct. 22.
Round 4. Would you confirm where we are to register for OFRN – (have proposals for the OFRN Round 4 SOARING RFP) If you have proposals to submit, per section 3.1.1 Submission Guidelines. Applicants shall submit the Business and Cost Proposal and the Technical Proposal to the OFRN general inbox: OFRN-Submission@wright.edu. with a carbon copy (CC) to Becky Mescher at becky.mescher@wright.edu. Deadlines: • Volume 2 (Technical), 2a (Supplemental), and 2B (Slide Deck) submit no later than 5:00pm Eastern Time October 22, 2019 • Volume 1 (Business and Cost Proposal) submit no later than 2:00 pm on November 19, 2019. You You do not need to register for the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN). You only need to register at https://data.ohiofrn.org/Login.aspx if you want access to the OFRN document repository website. OFRN public documents can be found in the Public Documents folder. Other resources that may be of interest are in subfolders: OFRN Playbook, UAS Cluster Analysis Fact Book, etc.
Round 4. I do not see a place for the cost share in the excel cost worksheet for the cost proposal. Do we only need to list the sources and amounts of cost share in the cover sheet?The excel cost worksheet for the Vol. 1 cost proposal does not contain cost share information. Cost share information is contained in the following places (see OFRN Round 4 Opportunity Announcement section references for details): Volume 1: -Cover Sheet (Section, -Cost Share information including clearly describe how the identified cost share will be used to support execution of the project (Section; Volume 2: -Cover Sheet (Section 3.3.1), -High Level Budget and Cost Share using tables provided in Section 3.4.3 also provide a brief narrative that explains how the funds will be deployed over the life of the project.
Round 4. Under Section 3.3.16 Consultants/Subcontractors, it reads “These letters should briefly state the contribution or expertise being provided. Include a SOW and detailed cost proposal. “ Does that mean that the complete cost proposals for all university/industry partners but the prime needs to be complete and included with the technical volume. Because we think this statement says it does. My research office and I have questions. Or are high-level costs estimates adequate for our partners and subs? We discussed the SOW being separate items from the 15 pages at the training session in September. I don’t remember the detailed cost proposal part for the technical volume.We only require a ROM with the initial submittal but will need a full cost proposal if selected to go forward. You are correct that high-level cost estimate are adequate for your partners and subs.
Round 4. The RFP for the OFRN Round 4 opportunity, says the project is to begin January 2020. I have a PI that would like to begin February 3. Would February 3 be an appropriate start time for the project or does the project need to begin at some point in January? The project would need to be done by June 30 2021. They can start on Feb. 3, but they will have to agree to a shorter period of performance.
Round 4. Does the 15-page count also include volume 2A (supplement)?Volume 2A is not included in the 15 page count for Volume 2.
Round 4. We saw the budget table that needs to be included in our initial Supplemental Volume 2A. Question: is it allowed for our budget numbers to change slightly between the initial submission and the detailed budget document due in November? We only require a ROM with the initial submittal, but will need a full cost proposal if selected to go forward. A high-level cost estimate is adequate for your partners and subs. Do the best that you can with the budget numbers in the initial submittal. There should not be major changes to the budget numbers between the initial submission and the detailed budget document due in November.